A Bigger Better Burger!

At CB Foods, we’re committed to changing the way Jamaicans eat, providing you and your families more local food options, so we can all LIVE BETTER.

That’s why BONAFIDE BURGERS are hand made from 100% home grown meats, nothing more, nothing less.

No imported meats, fillers or artificial ingredients.



Who said you can’t buy happiness?

At Happy Foods, we understand that time doesn’t stand still, that’s why we specialize in hand crafted foods, made with your lifestyle in mind.

Our soups are made from scratch, using only the finest quality local ingredients and we never add any artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. Ever.

Fresh, healthy and convenient.

Just heat and enjoy!

The Better Tasting Chicken

Not all chickens are created equally.

To taste it is to love The Better Tasting Chicken. Already the favourite of pan men and women across the island, what you may not know is that our tender, juicy chicken is also the first choice of chefs, caterers, grandmas, aunties, uncles, moms and kids everywhere.

We take pride in how we raise our animals and in producing safe food, that’s why we demand the highest standards from our farmers and every member of our team.

Always has been, always will be, hormone free.


We believe in  better pork.

That’s why at Copperwood, we focus on raising pigs from superior stock, train our farmers in the best practices, and use the highest quality, nutritious feeds.

Our commitment to quality pork is proven by our factory certifications. We guarantee fresh delivery of premium pork cuts that just can’t be beat. Look for the blue branded Copperwood Pork on your supermarket shelves and choose the leaner, cleaner, more tender option.



Smart Eggs for a Smart Diet.

Why are Smart Eggs better?  We’re a naturally enriched Omega 3 egg with essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to brain development.  With up to 250 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per egg, Smart Eggs are the smart choice for the heart health conscious.

Eat Smart, Live Smart.

P.S. We get the Omega 3s in the eggs in by feeding our laying hens an all natural diet with foods high in Omega 3s, such as flax seed and sea weed.

Easy Never Tasted So Good

Who says convenience means you have to compromise taste?

With Caribbean Passion’s extensive line of Ready to Eat products, your family can enjoy all their favourites, without the hassle of long prep and cooking times. So spend the extra time enjoying your meal- Cut to the taste.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Good For You

With Chippenham Eggs, there’s no such thing as a bad egg.

Our hens are fed wholesome feeds that contain no hormones or steroids and hand-picked to ensure you get the best in every single egg. Packaged in environmentally friendly biodegradable cartons, our table eggs are graded and sized for consistency, so there’s never a need to sort at your local grocery.

Good to Go!

Size Matters

Bigga, Betta, Badda

More than a 100% quality meat sausage, Bad Dawg is a unique job creation program, offering business opportunities for people willing to make bold moves and become their own boss.

Available at our Bad Dawg vending carts throughout the island, we encourage consumers to support the “Golden Wheels” to boost our entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We can also be found at your favourite grocery store.

Bad tastes so good.

We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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