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At CB Foods, we’re committed to changing the way Jamaicans eat, where they eat, when they eat, and why they eat the foods they do. We encourage Jamaicans to eat what we grow as a nation and support local farmers by providing quality and tasty Jamaican foods. We will always support the substitution of imports to help build our local industries.

We love to innovate and continually create new products and new exciting food experiences that bring families and friends together. Our diverse mix of foods is crafted with you in mind, never compromising taste.

We are the part of the CB Group that is responsible for product innovation, sales, and marketing and distributing our products safely to you. As a Group, we promote conscious decision making in our food and environmental practices.

We welcome you to join the CB Foods family.

Meet The Brands

A Better Tasting Chicken

Our flagship brand, CB Chicken just got way better with Air Chilled technology – 1st in the Caribbean only in Jamaica. Air Chilled Chicken is cooled by passing the birds through a chamber where cold purified air is used to cool the meat giving Jamaicans an even better quality and tasting chicken that is full of flavor. 

Our local favourite is available in retail chains and wholesales island-wide. Our fresh products come chilled or frozen, and in whole or convenient cuts, that make preparation a snap.

Air Chilling saves millions of liters of water per year. It’s better for the environment, safer for you and makes the chicken taste better too!

Our unmatched consistency of quality and supply has made us the first choice of food-service customers, bringing CB Chicken to the table at countless restaurants, hotels, and ‘cookshops’. It is the ‘go-to’ brand for PAN men and women across the island who keep the taste of Jamaica alive.

CB Chicken always has been, always will be Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free and Certified Safe.


We believe in better pork. At Copperwood, we invest in the best genetics, and farming and processing practices to ensure that you get the best quality pork.

Whether you want fresh or smoked cuts, we’re here to support all pork lovers.

Easy never tasted so good

Caribbean Passion makes Jamaican traditions so easy! Our products are either par-cooked or fully cooked so you spend less time in the kitchen. We’re all about convenience while staying true to the authentic wholesome flavours that you love.

Bigga, betta, badda!

Entrepreneurship is at the core of Bad Dawg. We enjoy seeing our Bad Dawg Operators become their own boss and bring people together for a ‘bad’ link up.

The juicy sausages is made from 100% real quality Jamaican pork, never with filler or paste. Don’t get this Bad Dawg confused with a frankfurter now!

Good for you.

Eggs are the world’s true superfood, loaded with high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. At our farm in the cool hills of Bamboo, St. Ann, Chippenam uses rainwater harvesting and solar powered pump systems to utilize our natural resources. And our packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Chippenham Eggs are Good for You, but also Good for Mother, Father and Me.

Eat Smart

Smart Eggs are the only Jamaican Omega-3 enriched egg in the market. And it’s 100% natural. Our hens are fed an enriched diet so you get 250g of Omega 3’s in every egg! That’s 6 times the amount found in an regular egg.

Omega 3’s support brain development in fetuses and young children, as well as promote heart, joint and bone health in adults.

Who said you can’t buy happiness?

Happy Foods are made from wholesome, quality Jamaican ingredients. Convenience is at the heart of the brand, as all its products are fully cooked and either ready-to-eat or simply requires a quick pop in the microwave to reheat.

No preservatives or additives are used, so you get the simply healthy, homemade flavours that you love without the hassle of having to cook.

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