CB Chicken

A Better Tasting Chicken 

Our flagship brand, CB Chicken just got way better with Air Chilled technology – 1st in the Caribbean only in Jamaica. Air Chilled Chicken is cooled by passing the birds through a chamber where cold purified air is used to cool the meat giving Jamaicans an even better quality and tasting chicken that is full of flavor.

Our local favourite is available in retail chains and wholesales island-wide. Our fresh products come chilled or frozen, and in whole or convenient cuts, that make preparation a snap.

Air Chilling saves millions of liters of water per year. It’s better for the environment, safer for you and makes the chicken taste better too!

Our unmatched consistency of quality and supply has made us the first choice of food-service customers, bringing CB Chicken to the table at countless restaurants, hotels, and ‘cookshops’. It is the ‘go-to’ brand for PAN men and women across the island who keep the taste of Jamaica alive.

CB Chicken always has been, always will be Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free and Certified Safe.